18 comments on “Manga Studio V5.0.0 Win/Mac – XFORCE

  1. impossible to connect to forum ?
    impossible to connect to torrent?

  2. God bless you! I have been trying since last night to get a Mac Os Virtual Machine running just so I could try the earlier released Mac version. (Couldn’t get it running in the end, I was ready to cry T_T)
    Thank you!!

  3. bad keygen, the Request field doesn’t accept 66 digits that are required

    • I just tried it on Windows 7 64x and the keygen works on it. (Why it doesn’t work on Win 8 is beyond me)
      So if anyone happens to have the same problem as me, run the keygen on Windows 7 (running it on compatibility mode in Win 8 won’t work)
      Thanks guys for all your effort and sharing, I am very thankful

    • Hi, just solved this problem. Go to screen settings, and reduce the size of fonts and other elements to SMALLER. Enjoy

  4. WEIRD..im on win7 64bit…kg not working..cant get 66 digits on kg…will try compatibility mode

  5. hello

    I’m french sorry for my english

    I tried all compatibility modes and impossible to put the 66 letters and numbers in the keygen … I’m running windows 7 if someone could help me :) thank you in advance

  6. I agree. A torrent file will be most helpful, especially for such a large file size.

  7. Fantastic, and the crack worked great.
    I’ve been using this program for several weeks, but they only allow you to install it on two computers…so I’ve been hoping someone would do this so I could put it on my home desktop and tablet as well! Thanks much!

  8. Can’t type all 66 digits on keygen, it only accepts 49. Running Windows 7 x64. Some Windows configuration is screwing a few of us, possibly something with DPI or locale?

    • The keygen worked perfectly on another computer with the same OS, so definitely a bug.

  9. The keygen does not work! The problem is that there are a total of 66 characters in the 11 blocks (yes,…that does not include spaces or dashes) and the keygen doesn’t accept that many digits,….so it will never work as is. I’m running Windows 8.

    How sad is that?!?

  10. yep, the keygen doesn’t accept more than 44 characters for the Authentication Key so it is impossible to enter the necessary 66 characters

    Windows 7 64 bits here but even in XP sp3 compatibility mode.

    Fake Keygen?

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