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  1. Can anyone please upload 3ds max 2014 x64 and Mudbox 2014 x64 Keygen only.


  2. You can download from the Autodesk website, you do not have to wait for the torrent and the way missing keygen

    • Tell me where to download from autodesks website, I only see link for 2013. with note

      Note: Autodesk? 3ds Max? 2014 software will be available soon. But you can try 3ds Max 2013 now

  3. thanks but 3DSmax 2014 sux a lot, a lot of bug, any development. They just buy toolbox. It’s a shit, Modo or blender are less expensive and more powerfull

    • Hahaha you fucking moron. Blender or modo is NOT more powerful and easy to use than Max.

      • haha it’s because you’re a noob in 3D, you know only max :) and you are not a beta tester of this release ;)

          • Blender …-_-…..

            Blender it’s for beginner.Max is most powerful!But maya is beter ;)

            • blender or maya or max or modo is not better than each other, its the artist who use them, who is better than each other.

              below are 2 of many works done using blender


              there are better works than these done using max or maya
              but it doesnt mean that blender is incapble of producing professional quality work

              even if many of us have leonardo’s paintbrush, we wouldnt be able to paint the monalisa…

              lets not fight over softwares, lets create art

  4. Hello, thanks for this great release, but the product key in te install.txt is for autocad 2014, have you the good product key for 3dsmax2014 ? Thanks.

  5. all we need is the crack – we can download the trial from AD webside within 10min

    can someone share the crack only please ?

  6. 3ds Max 2014 trial is not available yet and will not be till April the Trial is 2013 version.

  7. hey guys, I forgot my password for CG peers. I did a password reset and it’s not getting sent to my mail box, or spam folder, I guess with the site under maintenance, they don’t have that feature currently available. I was wondering if someone would be so kind, to invite me to cgpeers, my e-mail is, [email protected]

    thanks in advance

  8. http://cgpeers.com/torrents.php?id=23776&torrentid=23640#torrent23640

  9. Guys you can download 3ds max 2014 directly from Autodesk site. here’s the link:

  10. Keygen is about 7 characters short for activation.

    Any keygens out there tht work?

  11. Keygen is about 7 characters short for activation.

    Any keygens out there that work?

  12. any 1 why product key not working on this?
    all the product key u said i tested not working

  13. I Can’t download from bad links. Pls upload to filefactory.com for normal download

  14. Great! All links working. The keygen is included. Product Key is 128F1

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