20 comments on “Digital-Tutors – Sculpting a Demonic Creature in ZBrush

  1. all these demonic, gargoyles and the like. is there any HEAVENLY tutorials around? LOL

    • Yeah, I was just going to ask tehe same question. 99% all zbrush doodles are horns on demons, angry aliens with horns, trols with horn like teeths, and all other spikes and scars, pores and skin wrinkles on builder-warriors.

  2. Can’t wait for the torrent to get out!
    Maybe upload it somewere else seeing CGPEERS is out atm

  3. Please put the files in smaller pieces of rar in Bytebox.
    It is difficult for us free users to download it as the site says that the ‘file is too big for the free users’ to access.

  4. sorry but that demon looks shit. and i agree a tutorial on sculpting something beautiful with no intense wrinkles and wear n tear would be nice.

  5. http://cgpeers.com/torrents.php?id=23382&torrentid=23246#torrent23246

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