17 comments on “Arroway Textures – Gravel Volume One

  1. great share!
    but bytebox gives me the ”file to big for free users” thing…
    nitrobits please ?

  2. bitshare or depositfiles links, please!
    the best hosts to free accounts..

  3. This is 19.2 GB and torrent is 11.x GB …. Someone can tell me why ? Thanks

  4. http://cgpeers.com/torrents.php?id=24872&torrentid=24736#torrent24736

  5. Has somebody tried the Maxwell textures?
    It seems that all the jpgs maps are missing. Each file contains just the texture setings.
    Does somebody has the same problem?

    • you got to fix their paths or correct texture’s name according to the specific material’s “texture missing” request

  6. The Stone textures for the meshes are missing. Could you please upload the stone textures? Thanks for CG Blogger!

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