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[MULTI] Arroway Wood Volume 2 Condensed

Distinctiveness with timeless appeal ? Exotic veneers play an
increasingly important role in traditional as well as in contemporary
design, where a simplification of form results in a greater emphasis on
surface texture and color.
The manufacturing of wood veneers takes great skill as well as
experience. Similarly, the creation of textures out of such veneers is a
very time and resources consuming task. The use of a newly developed
scanning process made it possible to digitize large veneered panels in
high resolution while avoiding the problem of surface reflection. The
thus obtained 4GB of raw data per wood species were then processed into
high-quality textures using our tried and tested map creation
As the second part in our veneers series, this new release focuses on
exotic woods and therfore is an ideal complement to the European
veneers of the first collection.
Further details
The collection contains large-scale veneer textures of 33 Asian,
African and Australian wood species. There are three textures sets
available for every wood species, each with different area and
approx. 3m x 4m (9.8ft x 13.1ft) at 50dpi (6000px x 8000px)approx. 3m x 1m (9.8ft x 3.3ft) at 85dpi (10000px x 3300px)approx. 3m x 0.3m (9.8ft x 1.1ft) at 140dpi (15000px x 1800px)
Because of these different scale variations, the textures can be used
in a very broad range of applications – from large-scale wall paneling
down to furniture close-ups.

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CONCRETE – Vol I – FULL DVD (4.6 GB) – Png – 6000×6000 pix (Updated with torrents)


This collection contains 51 high-resolution textures in well-known quality. Every texture consists of diffuse-, bump and specular/glossiness map – all available in lossless-compressed format (PNG24 / PNG8). The collection covers textures of the following categories:

* bricks & tiles
* floor surfaces
* panel formed surfaces
* wall surfaces
* misc

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