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17 comments on “Digital-Tutors – Creating a Prehistoric Creature Bust in ZBrush and Photoshop

    • This is a guest author who has made the tutorial, the core team of Digital Tutors makes awesome tutorials (and lot of guest authors too) and the best getting started/introductions on the web .
      But i agree this one looks bad. :(

      • Really?
        Do you read or listen to what was the real goal here?

        Being creative does not equal mimicry or reality.
        Now go read/listen to what was the goal for that piece of art.

        • Ok, First thanx uploader for effort.
          Second. I can ignore poor amateurish quality of color, shading and mediocre outdated stereotype zbrush beginners model.
          But 7 freaking hours, 4GB for really basic skills ? Is this poor guy insane?!
          What in the name of persian goods is this poor fella doing for 7 hours with this? Did we go thru all of his mistakes and learning curve, or perhaps forgot the recording session while go for lunch and quick nap? I could construct, sculpt, shade, colour, retopo, export and edit normals, displacement, specular, dirt and diffuse in 1 and a half hour max.
          Look at free tuts from pros on yt. They Use plan, script and editing, and are free.

          • I did not download from those links.
            I thanked the torrent uploader.

            I watched all the AFR videos, but the guy was born to teach, and read the Stop Staring from the front page to the End, and i am a dilettante.
            If you want to lern you can climb the everest in a blink of the eye, no?

    • You are laughable!!

      I bet you cannot produce nothing compared with their Creative Series neither you have pocketed a nickel of the know-how their instructors have.

      Why would they tell you in a row all they know?

      It will kill their biz.
      So, they tell you bits.
      But their Creative series is project based.

      • How come Gnomon, fxphd and other CGI training companies produce high quality tutorials without killing their “biz”? Talented and well educated people have a continuous flow of knowledge that they can share without the risk of depleting their pool of cool new tips&trips and that’s because they’re constantly learning and adapting to a fast pacing industry.
        Not your case apparently since you spew such utterances.

        • Compare tutorials from DT, from The Gnomon with AFR or tuts by
          Aaron Holly?

          See what i am saying?
          You certaily never went to an art school, no wonder.

          The end product of any tutorial is not that important, techniques and how to solve problems is the key.
          Look at european schools ( mostly French ones ) compared with US schools gameART-oriented bad “art“, which seems to be yr preference.

          • I’m an industrial designer (graduated at an art school) so claiming certainty about facts you cannot possibly be certain of is proving your stupidity.
            Further more, I, as a client, can’t risk time (let alone money) on tutorials of which the end product is a turd just because the techniques presented there MIGHT be great. If they’re great as you (or they) claim then it should be evident from the first look. Basic marketing ABC, a thing which you seem to be oblivious about.
            I have watched DT material when I was a beginner in Softimage and I used to facepalm a few times per video, and I was a beginner…
            Very recently I’ve downloaded the first few videos from a Sketchbook intro tutorial to see if something changed: nope, the same dragging on (he was showing the title of the app in the window bar for fuck’s sake) explaining extremely trivial stuff as if it’s the first time I’m in front of a PC and other things that makes DT worst training company around. They’re probably very cheep compared to the other companies, otherwise it would be a miracle that they still are in the “biz”. You buying from them?

            • You probably cannot read also.

              What were my point you are arguing with?
              Why you watch a tutorial?
              – To be able to reproduce what the author did?
              – To know the tools he/she used?

              Stupid as yr answer demostrated. You clearly think so.

              I watch tutorials to learn new workflows, to this day i never watched the totality of any DT or GW tutorial, with exception of Taron?s Tutorial.

              You do not being creative in a art school, you learn tools and history of art.
              That does not make you an artist. Just a clone.

            • Talking about knowing to read… in my post above I just said that they drag on so they fill the time allocated and no good workflow tips you’ll learn from them. Only what’s in the manual, tools and how they work at a very, infuriating slow pace. That’s it. I guess they’re good if you’re feeling lazy about reading the program’s manual. What workflow/tips/techniques used in productions did you ever learn from DT? No, don’t answer, it’s rhetorical, by now I’m used to you spewing ridiculous non-sense.

      • Ruin their biz? Such BS! Just admit that you are the artist behind this tut – hah. Other companies have it nailed on quality and professionalism, DT has yet to cut the wheat from the chaff (note previous post below).

  1. The only kind of models DT produces are turds. Whoever thinks differently they probably produce turds themselves, because DT’s quality of tutorials is indeed laughable.
    I don’t even download them for free any longer, as for paying… thanks the Universe for I never did that.
    With all that said, we have to constantly thank uploaders for their efforts.
    So, thanks uploader!

  2. Yet another DT tut that looks like something I picked out of my nose this morning. Obviously my only respect goes to the up-loaders here but the tutorial is the work of a charlatan hustling a quick buck out of some unsuspecting nub. As others have already noted, it’s not even worthy of a free download! – bah.

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