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14 comments on “Autodesk Maya v2014 Extension SP2 Win64/Mac/Linux

  1. Is this enough to install Maya, or do I need to download all the other EXT SP1, and the standard Maya 2014 installer ?

  2. Everything works but a question.
    Already had Maya 2014 64 bit installed.
    If I open the program and read “about” it says SP1.
    I downloaded the rapidgator files, unzipped, followed the instructions. all went well.
    When I go to “about Maya” it still shows Maya SP1,
    Should it not show SP2?
    or should the original be uninstalled first?
    Thank you

  3. FYI: The OSX and Linux “rapidgator” links are posted in the incorrect subsections. The OSX link in in the Linux subsection and vice versa. I got a few of them downloaded before I noticed. Additionally, the first 4 links under OSX are 404’d. I don’t have the the download completed and verified; however, it’s XFORCE and I have complete confidence. (well, it claims to be XFORCE). I have had a good success rate with XFORCE, CGPersia and CGPeers and I am left with little doubt about the content. I understand that our friends taking care of these sites need to earn a living; however, the multi-link rars at rapidgator and the likes are a pain… especially if you don’t do due (teehee.. doodoo) diligence and verify the links before you commence the dl. I’m on static IP and most of the links do not accommodate TOR or proxies.

  4. unable to get a full dl for the OSX version. I can DL and unrar; however, several of the files do not unzip. Anyone else have this issue?

    • WestonX did you get to solve the OSX issue I want to get it but i don’t know if its working properly.


  5. I know you guys go into a lot of trouble to get these releases out but this post is all messed up. Please take it down.

  6. Jengfx,

    I didn’t figure it out and have been using the Maya SP4 instead. I really miss the full-screen mode of Extension, but that’s about it. I didn’t use Xgen and had not seen too many complimentary remarks about it, either. I would have liked to give it a shot, but oh well. I did, however, get better luck at downloading from the sites without the waiting period by using Tor. I just changed my IP after each DL.

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