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9 comments on “Rayfire 1.63.01 for 3DS Max

  1. hey this plugin its 8.mb in size whats all the other crap you’ve padded your rars with.

  2. @Dave – it’s not crap included, these are just the PhysX installers from 3dsmax 2010 to 2012 (x32 and x64) ;)

  3. No one needs PhysX anymore, stop using obsolete version of max, those were unstable anyways. I don’t need 500 mb crap for an 8 megs plugin..

  4. tank, but you need 5000GB to say thanx for cracker n uploader.
    buy this product and support developer before wasteing peoples time with your farts.
    …f00gin rude youth of today, tsssss

  5. juhuu ive got it :D

    are there a newer version of raifire for max 2015?

  6. i replaced the original RayFireTool.mse with the one from the crack folder but it?s still unauthorized

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