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9 comments on “3dnice – Game Character Development Tutorial

  1. Goddamnit!!

    Why are you sharing this tutorial?!

    take a look at the website!

    !!!!!!! It is just $ 1,75 !!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, it’s just $ 1.75.
      but the Fact is : “NOT everyone has access to buy directly online”.

      so, there is NO harm in sharing this, but for those who can easily buy it, then buy.
      cuz $1.75 is not expensive, and this tutorial is good.

      oh, thanks UniqNews.

  2. this it’s just bad… the tuts it’s incredibly affordable, Already bought it.

  3. Very nice tutorial, the people who complain is so sad, if you can buy, JUST BUY!
    Thank you very much for upload this, Bohemian.

    • Thank you? go Fu*k yourself! this tutorial cost just 1.75$ and you can’t even buy it? you’re fkn loser!

      • Why you coming here, anyway? think about it, and don’t be…hmmm, I dont know how describe you, but, think why you are in this website and then call me whatever you want, incoherent, thats the word.

  4. I just don’t get some of you, i bought it and i still can’t see anything wrong with this being shared.

    It’s not just about the price tag, it’s the principle and the value, you have piracy everywhere, it wont go again, maybe… never, so instead of complaining both sides have to do their part, they have to give us better deals (princes, bundles, sales, etc) so that you target every kind of person and wallet, and then we have to do our part to buy it when the value is right for our wallet

    Having said that, if the value is right, people will buy it regardless of it being on a piracy site, in fact the extra exposure might bring people into to buying it

    if there’s anything wrong with this post is that it doesn’t contain the cost of the original product, which would help immensely in people getting this the legal way


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