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8 comments on “Viscorbel – The Tower

  1. What you re doing here is low level man… You can buy on this course for only $3,00. Even a just born baby can buy it. I thought that cgpersia whould only bring what isnt accessable for everybody and not just take advantage of piracy at this level. I feel sorry

  2. oh, Come on !!!!!
    You can get this Tutorial for about 2,99 EUR !!
    Have some pirate decency and delete this post. Things that low in cost shouldn?t be here!

    And to you guys, do not download, support VISCORBEL !!!! He makes kick ass tutorials for us guys and he is the first to come up with this FAIR payment solution!!!
    He will quit making any new tutorials, but there will be always a lot to learn!!!

  3. Aye, totally agree – it’s kinda lame to not pick the tutorial right from his website when the price is so affordable! For this one, just like all the other premium tutorials you pay WHAT YOU WANT – starting from as low as 2.99?!
    And in the following circumstances – it has to be said loud and clear – not to purchase his content but picking it for free is a pure dishonesty and a thievery.

  4. I agree that we should support Viscorbel in all manners for his wonderful content, but you guys are forgetting that a considerable amount of CGP users have no access to Credit Cards. It is a bit ethnocentric to believe anyone can make an international purchase just like that.

  5. Cool tutorial.

    You can buy it just 2.99?.

  6. viscorbel new system price is so affordable doesnt make sense not supporting him and keep piracing his material

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