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13 comments on “TheaRender v1.3.07.1130 Win/Mac/Lin plus Plugins Updated

  1. Very appreciative indeed and this one is a special share. Thanks Man!.

  2. can anyone help? can’t seem to crack it. is there any special way. the way I’ve been trying to crack is going to Licence form and adding the keygen details there. I have tried this in admin mode but still only renders in demo mode

  3. It works only in demo mode with watermark.
    Win 64 and Sketchup plugin.

  4. The keygen should generate different serial numbers, main s/n and for plugins, after EVERY pushing the button “Generate”. If not — something wrong with your OS or PC. The keygen at my PC stopped working when I reinstalled my OS to Windows 8.1 Enterprise Eval, 64b, Update 1. Before that there was the same OS, and everything went OK. I tried to launch the keygen in Sandboxie, in Hyper-V with Windows 7 32b, with disconnected LAN, with offed firewall, defender — nothing helped.

    I solved problem by launching the keygen at my old comp with Windows 7. Genereted couple of licenses and exported them from Thea Render Studio License Form. Notice one important thing — you should take License ID from WORK computer for generating s/n, then replace License ID (fourth line) in exported license file, also should rename exported license file by replacing License ID in its name to ID from your WORK computer. Or, if it simplier for you, just copy/paste serial numbers from keygen to some text file and then insert them in License Form at work comp.

  5. I finally did it. Works perfect in Win7 64 + Skp plugin

    How I did it:
    1. I opened TheaStudio, then license form, inserted name, mail, and serial and activation number from the generator. Close generator.
    2. I exported the licence, so I can get my license ID. I copied my license ID.
    3. In TheaStudio license form again, I cleared my license.
    4. I opened again generator, I pasted my ID and genarated many times.
    5. Insert all numbers given by the generator.

    Thanks man, great job!!!!

    • I followed your steps and when i reopen the inport form it says ‘ Your serial information appears to be valid, but you need to activate your license”

      any ideas why im getting this?

  6. it seems that the plugins aren’t updated, on thea wesbite the have:
    – Thea Version v1.3.07.1130 [31/07/14]
    – Thea for Cinema4D Plugin v1.3.07.107 [31/07/14]
    – Thea For SketchUp Plugin v1.3.07.208 [31/07/14]
    – Thea For 3dsMax Plugin v1.3.07.101 [31/07/14]
    – Thea for Blender Plugin v1.3.0331 [23/04/14]
    – Rhino Plugin 4.0 and 5.0 v1.2.320 [05/11/13]

    I’m looking for Cinema4D version, but it seems that for all the plugins updated, it’s the version 1.3.05. Can anyone upload the latest? I’ll try downloading the latest from the website and later applying the patch or keygen.

    Cheers and thanks for the standalone!

    • yoyo, just download new plugin from official site and try to reinstall it over existing Thea standalone/plugin with old license. It workes at my PC for Cinema 4D, no watermarks.

      • Thanks you Moyzes, just tried that before and also works perfectly. What an update, much more faster! :D

        Waiting for channels to work :)

        Thanks in any way

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