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  1. The application installs, and runs… up until one tries to create a new substance… then it totally FREEZES hand locks one out… having to do a cold restart.

    Sorry FAIL in my book.

  2. Doesn’t work on OS X. Tried to replace the “Substance Painter” file in /Programs/Substance Painter/Contents/Mac OS/ but then I couldn’t open the program. I don’t know if that’s the proper way, there is no guide or something. I then tried with the original file, it opened and show me the programe and a “no license and registration window”.

  3. Just a request, if I may:

    1) Someone fix the reported problems, please.

    2) Then someone upload the fixed version on CG Peers.

  4. Substance Painter must be ?chmod +x” inside the terminal.app.
    It worked on my Mac.

    open terminal.app write this: chmod +x drag Substance Painter file into the terminal window after hitting the space bar after the +x
    , then hit Enter, Substance Painter will became executable.

    THX! for the uploader.

    • ? Only then replace the file on this directory /Programs/Substance Painter/Contents/Mac OS/

      • Sorry, Applications (NOT programs, in most cases)/Substance Painter/Contents/Mac OS/

  5. thanks BrokenArtist! This worked! You should mention that you do the “chmod +x” on the ‘Substance Painter’ file inside the crack folder. I tried it with the app first, which didn’t work.

    You can also replace the file inside /Applications/Substance Painter/Contents/Mac OS/ and then do the chmod +x. Works!

    • What?

      Also, the last download of this i tried was broken, the zip with SP would not open. Trying again.

      • 1. Install Substance Painter.

        2. Copy and replace file “Substance Painter” (in the extracted folder /SP_1.1.1_B556_OSX64) to /Applications/Substance Painter/Contents/Mac OS/

        3. Open Terminal and write

        chmod +x /Applications/Substance\ Painter.app/Contents/MacOS/Substance\ Painter

  6. Thank you BrokenArtist and alpha omega (your instructions cleared up the steps). Works perfectly now.

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