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One comment on “FaceRig Pro Win

  1. “With Classic and Pro version is not possible to export the facial tracking data into an another program such as maya and 3ds max. But this feature for animators is only available with the Studio version (the most expensive one).

    Can anyone conferm it?”

    “That’s correct. The Studio version will be able to export motion capture data for animators, among other features.

    You can, in theory, import new characters right now, but there’s no documentation on how to do it, and it isn’t as easy as dropping it into a folder right now.

    This WILL change in the future though, as we hope to have Workshop support once the majority of the bugs are dealt with. However, characters will need to be rigged in a specific way for the program to recognize them. Otherwise, they might not respond at all, or might give very hilarious but broken responses instead of what you want (ever wonder what would happen if you mapped the eyebrows to your mouth on accident? That kind of thing xP ) “

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