15 comments on “Udemy – Creating 3D environments in Blender

  1. Is this a stupid prank or something ? Most videos have 0 (Zero) bytes of lenght – chapter six through the end. Very funny :(

  2. Thanks guys, awesome tuts, pls can you help with the working files

    • Just noticed what @normy was talking about, 0byte from chap6 to end, might be problem from compressingg it, pls check and reupload

  3. torrent is the only way for this great tutorial
    please torrent T.T

  4. There are a lot of videos with zero size. Its all incomplete this course. Please fix them or upload to torrent

  5. There are missing a lot of rar-Files. Can you please upload the rest of the rar files ???

  6. Arggghhhhh guess the fault is from the only person that has paid for the course on udemy seeing its just one student enrolled, he/she compressed badly and distributed, cause i also tried others 0daydown and gfxtr, all has the same ish, oh well for those that wanna get down into environmental modelling you could also search here the one from cgmasters

  7. Do you the favor of putting corrupt files from part06 part09 thanks to

  8. pls guys has this course been updated to fix corrupt files??, was really looking forward to this last yr, thanks

  9. Can anyone upload the missing files including corrupted files, please? This is a huge thing here. Thanks in advance.

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