9 comments on “Indigo Renderer 3.8.33 – WIN64

  1. There?s not Indigo Renderer folder inside App/Roamim after installed…Can you help?

    • When installing Indigo, check to install blender even when you don’t have it. It creates automatically “Indigo Renderer” folder to your appdata folder.

  2. Did not work! I chose the option in the setup but I do not have the Blender program. He installed anyway, but did not create the folder in the app. Sorry maybe I’m doing something wrong!

    • Sorry, my bad. I had blender installed so it worked for me. Try to go this folder and place your licence.sig there, it should work. “C:\Users\(YOU)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Indigo Renderer”

      If this doesn’t work: try to install blender and folder should be there.

      • Ok, I will try later! And about watermark, yes there are watermark in render window of 3D Max I will check if that is about licence no installed correctly ( my case until now) or something more in render settings of program as you sad. I will let you know! Thanks.

        • Didn’t work! Watermark in Max and no folder to put licence without Blender! Thanks anyway man!

  3. Thanx but – The standalone ‘works’ (but is no use unless you can create indigo scene files) and the max plugs are useless – renders are with watermark. Any ideas?? :)

    • I only could suggest to check off watermark box from render settings (atleast that’s what it is in maya), but Can’t help you any further with that (haven’t used renderer much). Good luck though!

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