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18 comments on “VRay – 3ds Max 2016

    • Not really sure why you comment does not work when it clearly does work, it might not work for you but for most people who install it correctly it works fine

  1. Did not worked for me, i generally update vray for speed improvement
    and the same scene rendered in the earlier version in 8 minutes now with this update its been 45 min and still on prepass 3

    i will wait

  2. this version of vray there are problems, it is very much slower than the 3.20

    • Yeah! You right!
      This version is not properly working….
      Render take a huge bunch of time round about 10 times more than the 2.2 version…

  3. I wrote this message yesterday – Nomo
    on 2016/03/15 at 4:12 PM said: This does not Work Vray will not install

    I was wrong it Works very well, I had forgotten to delete a couple of the old files in the max root foulder.

    Thank you very much for this

  4. torrent if for those who ask without checking:

    Also read all the comments for info about render times and virus errors.

  5. Everything seems to Work, but if you have any VrayDisplacement modifyer on any object, the calculaction time will sky rocket

  6. Is this version full functional? I mean no bugs, errors or Rendertime issues?

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