9 comments on “Nextlimit Realflow Cinema 4D v1.0.0

  1. Thanks so much for this release! I was really looking foward to get it!

    But I’m having some issues cracking it (oh, surprise, surprise :P)

    I’ve read the instructions and it says I have to copi the host.lic in a specific folder and then copy the rest in the installationg folder of the plugin, after that I launch the RLM.exe

    And with it running, I don’t know whats the next step, if I launch Realflow it ask me for a license or run a trial and in the DOS window of the RLM says something like “host.lic not on this host. Using only uncounted and TOKEN_UNLOCKED licenses from this license file”

    Thanks for any help, and as always, thanks for everything CGPersia!

    • Yes, great you are right. I posted it at the 1.00.0080-Version here.

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