7 comments on “NextLimit Realflow for Cinema4D v1.0.0.0080 Win/Mac

  1. This is only the “Plugin-Dir” file. There is missing rlm-Server etc. How does it work? Can s.o. help?

  2. Correction! After i restart my PC the Plugin works perfect! Great!
    I do not know whether it perhaps because I have the normal Realflow also installed but now it works perfectly . ( With Cinema 4D R17 – X64 Windows 10 )

  3. mac 0sx r16 si que funciona….

    hay que crear un carpeta en documents, con el nombre”realflow_cinema4d”, y dentro de esta otra con el nombre”license” (es igual que no haya nada dentro)

    bravo cgPersia

    merci beaucoup

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