5 comments on “Cubebrush – ZBrush For Hardsurface Design

  1. here is the order of files

    01-ZBrush For Hard Surface Design
    02-Getting Started
    03-Concepting ( FREE )
    04-Refining The Form
    05-Refining The Head
    06-Refining The Neck 1
    07-Refining The Neck 2
    08-Refining The Arms
    09-Refining The Chest
    10-Beginning To Detail
    11-Creating Assets For Detailing
    12-Detailing The Head
    13-Final Detailing
    14-Rendering In Keyshot
    15-Compositing In Photoshop

    • To download it, you need to get access to the torrent section. But you’ll have to wait to 15th this month to get access to register and get there. Otherwise, you’ll have to dowload by every single link above.

  2. This was posted 2 years ago on CGpeers and still there, just do a search.

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