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5 comments on “Isotropix Clarisse iFX v3.0 SP6 X64 Win/Mac

  1. This is my experience from it so far. This is an application for set dressing, lighting and rendering VERY HEAVY SCENES fast, you can move objects while rendering on the same rendering image! it is like Katana but much more easy (Katana is used for rendering and loading heavy scenes fast too), fast and user friendly, creative, it has interactive rendering and an easy to use interface. It is used for landscapes and matte painting with thousands of mesh objects. It has not a steep learning curve (like Katana). You can learn it fast. It is a high-end application used in Double Negative (it has been used and production proven in 47 projects: Insurgent, Mockingjay Part 2, Mission Impossible 5, Spectre and Bridge of Spies, Gods and Kings), ILM (it was used in the latest Star Wars movie, the force awakens). It uses openVDB (clouds, explosions) from Houdini and Alembic for motion. I did not found a proper tutorial for water and ocean and it lacks many tutorials yet, it has a small community (but bigger than Katana). It has a very fast renderer with it’s own shaders but no connection to other renderers (like Katana has Arnold in Windows or Renderman in Linux). It exports AOV of course for finale compositing. It is not strictly node based like Katana, It uses nodes only in shaders. It’s animation tools are only the basics, you can animate a simple camera but for all the others you need alembic. I hope it helps.

    • Another thing, Clarisse likes exr extensively for import and export.

  2. If you could get scenes in and out the software with textures and animation in tac! ( ABC works without textures) But a time consuming reassembling! other than that it would be great.. :)

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