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    • It is not the cracked version.

      But you can install it as a full version with network license option selected. in the host you should enter “cghotman.com” and remain the port as it is.

  1. you should get two install option stand alone or network
    also look at

    • Used this 2nd method but still not working ! it asks for license in 3ds max

  2. works perfect- thank you !!! Just follow the instructions- dont panic because its not the usual crack….

  3. You install this as instructed and ITOO gets all your IP addresses immediatelly…

  4. Good luck opening your computer to an unknown personal server.

      • sometimes I can’t connect the cghotman.com,I don’t know why it’s just not working
        By how??
        could U pls tell me the way? pls thank UUU!!

  5. select network license while installing ! and for the host type : cghotman.com
    for the port : 16720
    that’s it !

    You have to be connected to internet till the crack works ! every time that you run 3ds max !

  6. I think it is not the actual release with the online crack. Need offline crack

  7. i had a huge problem when installing this, i manage to make it work but suddenly my pc started to go bluescreen everytime windows start the desktop, EVERYTIME, and this problem was present for 2-3 days so in safe mode i unistall this and the problem was solved. I thought it was something about hardware or even the system was screwed, but in safe mode everything works fine except it`s not usable cause you can run programs. Does anybody had or has this problem too?

  8. I’ve followed steps but this is not working. Even with firewall turned off and connected to the internet. I’ve also tried turning off internet, re-install the program…but there’s no way to make it work.

  9. Well, I don’t know the reason but…now it’s working. I’ve not touched settings or doing anything that could explain that. Just this morning didn’t work and now is working perfect.

  10. You need to add or as Primary then secondary DNS .. would prefer a standalone licence though ..? Wonder if xforce will release one soon

  11. sometimes working perfect but sometimes it shows:

    A error occurred while was attempting to connect with the license Server cghotman.com,winsocks error 10060

    Dose any body has the same problem too??

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