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  1. ##########
    If you have the problem, that C4d R18 (Win10 x64) doesn’t recognise Vray Bridge install the c4d 18028 update
    It worked for me, it might also work for you :-)

  2. @HeMan:
    I had a scene with Vray1.9 and c4d17
    Now with Vray3.4 and c4d18, there a can not render this. The render-pictures is black.

    Can i convert the scene from 1.9 to 3.4 or what can i do

    • I had a Vray1.9 and c4d16 Scene. It rendered just fine in Vray3.4 and c4d18.
      Wanna upload the scene and let me take a look at it?

  3. Better selecting everything, copy and past in a new file.
    Then activate the GI and it should be ok.

  4. the content browser not support vray 3.4
    I just drag my object with vray material. But The preview in content browser is empty. Anyone know how to fix it?? Thanks

  5. It worked, thanks!
    I just had to update my C4D R17 after I installed vray 3.4

    First be sure to remove old versions of vray in your c4d folder and plugins (C4D) folder.
    Then click on the installer (according to your C4D version) and Run it as an administrator.
    After it finishes then generate the key archive and put it on the main C4D folder (according to your version)
    (If u don’t know how to generate the key archive see how to do it on a youtube video, there are many)
    Update your C4D and thats it!

    • i cant find in youtube how to generate the key file. :/ plz some help here

  6. does lens effect work for you?
    it is just empty rollout for me
    updated to cinema 4d and everything still just empty rollout

    • You have to put a camera first, If there isn’t a camera lens effect doesnt work.

      • in render setting when I open the lens effect tab there is nothing, no interactive checkbox ,just empty space

        • Yes, it happened to me too. But the settings appear when you put a camera on your model.

          • lens effects work in vfb only… not in the cinema picture viewer,
            you have to enable this in v-ray bridge options tab

  7. It’s not work!! In the rar file there is nothing explanation of how to install the crack!!

  8. can you pls upload vray 3.4 beta2 with crack for sketchup 2017, thanks in advance

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