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    • Yo te paso el magnet pero ay?dame con el paso tres por favor, es sistema mac

  1. Hi friend, thanks a lot for your input, can you please explain how I do step 3 on mac:

    1. Unzip and unrar to temp directory
    2. Start installation

    3.Before Starting Houdini, you must first set up the shell environment.
    At a C shell prompt (csh, tcsh, bash), type the following:

    Source houdini_setup
    (You run this within the installed dir)
    This command initializes the current shell’s environment to run
    Houdini. You may want to add the above line to your .login file.

    Stop license server (from the license server or sesictrl -q)
    Copy the sesinetd (from Crack dir) matching your version to
    / Library / Preferences / sesi /
    Make sure you dont change file access permissions (in other words make sure the binary is executable chmod 755 sesinetd in case)
    Restart license server
    Tip: check md5 of the running sesinetd to make sure you replaced it
    Another way to really kill / restart the server, just copy this command as root sudo
    Ps aux | Grep sesi | Fgrep -v grep | Awk ‘{print $ 2}’ | Xargs -n 1 kill -9

    Launch the License Administrator by typing “hkey” or from the menu.
    In the Server Information you will find your Server Name & Server Code

    Launch the Windows Houdini Keygen or the Linux keygen or our OSX keygen
    (OSX keygen will generate your keys on your desktop, click generate button (bottom right keygen)
    Enter your Server Name & Server Code
    (Those can also be obtained this way: sesictrl -n)
    And generate your license keys …

    Go back to the License Administrator
    Select File / Manually Enter Keys …
    Copy paste the keys you generated 5 by 5.
    Key string # 1 should be SERVER your_server_name server_code …..
    You can also enter your keys this way: sesictrl -I key

    NB: Install the “other keys to play with” at your own risk, those are mainly
    For dev and debug … so make sure you install the license keys first

    5. To start Houdini Master, type “houdini”.
    To start Houdini Select, type “hselect”.
    To start Houdini Halo, type “hhalo”.

    If you can make a video tutorial would be a great favor, thank you very much again.

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