18 comments on “SIGERSHADERS V-Ray Material Presets Pro 4.1.6 for 3ds Max

  1. Anyone else having issues installing this on Max 2017?
    On start up it says “The assembly “VmppMax4_2017.dll” encountered an error while loading.
    It is possible that the application in a bad state. The application will continue to run, but we recommend quitting the application, removing the plug-in, and restarting.”

    Have tried uninstall and reinstall….no luck??

  2. It is working perfectly in max 2017 or not ?
    Anyone can share PSD Manager for 3ds max 2015-2017 ? Full Cracked Version..

    Please share link ..

  3. hello ….. why did after installing siger shaders didnt preview materials as aiew port in program unless drag it to material editor to show it …..if there any solutions

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