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18 comments on “Autodesk Maya 2018 Win

  1. Is this beta or a leak? Because it’s not officially out yet from AD.

  2. IMHO it’s a fake, usually major maya releases announcing are made to Siggraph so i can’t believe that.

  3. It’s real. You can find the links online for direct download from the autodesk website.
    But to say that the new features are almost nonexistent is an understatement.

  4. no change log or documentation for the moment, it’s not officially out.

    But nothing crazy about this version, it’s like a little update. Now with their new way of updating maya the number 2018 doesn’t mean much.

    Quickly what i saw is a new circulize polygon tool, extra paremetric polygon shape (like gears etc) , some touch up on uv.

    The most interesting is a little add on mash with the capability of adding bullet physics to your mash network. You can also add constraints to the physics it’s cool.

    I think thats it, i dont know what are the bug fixes

  5. amazing ! thanks for posting !
    hopefully it has better xgen and arnold integration?
    does this work ok ?

  6. dont waste your time with these links, download straight from the source

  7. Disappointed if this is all that’s new, what happened to the sculpting tools they showed a couple of years ago, are they still working on that or have they scrapped it.

  8. Seems like another disaster for old beloved Maya.
    Why Autodesk bought Maya?????
    Waiting for complete change log
    Seems it’s the time to switch to another package like Houdini???
    O renderman!! It’s cause of you I’m still using Maya

  9. I wouldn’t leave Maya for all the money in the world, Autodesk improved almost every area of the program in the last 5 years, the modelling , the uv mapping, the animation and so on, just disappointed if this is indeed all that’s been added, maybe this version is incomplete or a beta. A shame if they didn’t add the division layers for sculpting and all the other things they showed in the video bellow in the beginning, was really waiting for this.

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