3 comments on “Gumroad – Make Professional Painterly Game Art with Krita by GDquest

  1. Hey there, I’m the course’s author. I know some people around the world genuinely don’t have the money to buy the course. That’s why I try to do around 50% free content through Youtube and contributions to open source software. It’s a tough project to lead: I still work 6 days a week and didn’t take a single week off for a year now.

    So if you’d like to help me keep up, you can follow GDquest on:

    – Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/gdquest
    – Twitter https://twitter.com/NathanGDquest

    • Thank you, it is very good of you to allow us to download this course illegally, if I get the money or get a local payment method I swear I buy it.

    • Hello Nathan! i like your style and videos through pirate web educational websites i found out your courses so i think its not bad for piracy that advertising your works…

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