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16 comments on “Rhinoceros 6.x Full Win

  1. ALERT! Premium account needed on the third rar. WHY mess do you even do that? Bye bye CGPersia!!!

  2. works fine but running grasshopper gives out some errors and no components are loaded, what could be the issue?

  3. Sadly, VirusTotal flags the patch as containing the Hack.Tool malware. I was looking forward to trying out Rhino. :(

    • All patches will be treated like viruses by some antiviruses since they modify the registry of windows, so you can hack the program and use it with a “license”.

      • Is there a way to tell if the tool is malicious though? Or can any pros here please help us make sure this is completely safe?

  4. Hello,

    Regarding license six after successfully patching, it seems to not open. It stays stuck at “retrieving license from license manager.”

    I also have Rhino 5 installed. Doe this mean i hae to uninstall rhino 5 before installaing rhino 6 ? Any suggestions?

    Another issue that might be causeing this is that i only managed to unzip the first out of three files. I presumed this is normal .

  5. Hey do I need to do all exercise to download offline version and install it? Is it not smooth and as little as it should be usually to install Rhino?

  6. How do you install this?
    I’ve downloaded and extracted all of the files. Installed it, and tried to open, but it says I need a licence.
    Have I missed something?

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