549 comments on “Happy Persian New Year (Nowruz)

  1. Nowruz mobarak .. it’s amazing how so many different nations are sending their regards and what’s beautiful is that you can’t see any hate or racism… CGPERSIA rocks not because of the “persia” part but because so many nations are in one place in peace. 🙂

  2. عید بر شما هم مبارک باشه
    خواستم یه خسته نباشین به سما بگم که باعث افتخار ما هستید واقعا هکر های برجسته ای هستین
    اگر امکان داره کمی به پلاگینهای مکس بیشتر بها بدین چرا که به علت دیر اپدیت شدن برنامه های اصلی همیشه چند ورژن و چند سال عقب هستیم ممنون از شما

  3. Happy New YeHappy new year! We all connect more than divide us. A good, beautiful year. And peace. Greetingar!

  4. Happy nowrouz to all of cgpersians! I’m proud of you CGPersia. It’s more than 10 years that i’m into your website and say congrats st this beautiful moment. Long live Persia and CGPersia… ❤❤❤

  5. Happiest nowruz to all CGP´ers from Switzerland. Thanx so much for existence and enabeling us to express ourselfes visually.خیلی ممنون

  6. Many thanks to you for great job / Help. I am so proud of you all! may this year bring you health and health and wealth !

    عید شما هم مبارک باشه

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