4 comments on “Thinkbox FrostMX 2.1.0 2017 – 2018 Win x64

  1. Example FrostMX.lic

    VENDOR thinkbox
    FEATURE frost thinkbox 2.10 permanent uncounted HOSTID=”54ab4b7db112 212bb1b444cd” \
    SIGN=”0B15 14DE 09A2 88F7 5002 10FF 33CA 7B18 A3D9 46FC C917 \
    DE91 031C EE0A B114 25FD 8581 FADC 1DEA 6DBE EF01 551C 9A8B 13EE \
    0EAA 7CAB D331 646A F990 26ED A492 66D3 180F CE38 D317 FA4D”

    repalce “54ab4b7db112 212bb1b444cd” with your HOSTID

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