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8 comments on “Gumroad – The Pushing Points Hatchet Collection for MODO 10 + 11

  1. This is an illegal pirated copy of commercial software. This needs to be removed.

    • oh c’mon william.u’re knocing on the wrong door for that.we use these stuff for learning ONLY!!!

      • There isnt a LEGAL version of this commercial software that is FREE. There is no learning edition.

        So no matter what YOU are using it for it is illegal if you don’t pay for the software.

        It doesnt matter if you agree with this or not.

        It’s simply wrong.

      • It takes time and effort to develop any software, time and effort that could otherwise be spent doing something else to put food on one’s table.

        Using software without paying it only makes it’s development a non-viable means for someone to make a living. The result will be fewer people bothering to develop tools, for learning or production use.

        That you would post your comment to the developer of the very tool you stole from him gives little hope you’ll be able to be convinced otherwise.

        At the end of the day, you’ve stolen a product. Karma’s a…

        • Chris…

          Your ramble is BS.If profit is the ONLY drive to CREATE/INVENT smth useful than you’re not having much fun with your life.Kill yourself.Ppl have always stolen goods from one another for thousands of years but the progress didn’t stop. Don’t worry…we will keep going forward :).

          • Well, you’re right that progress hasn’t stopped, but it hasn’t stopped *in spite of* people like you, not because of.

            So kudos for demonstrating that you’re among the ones to blame for the human race not being further along than it is. Sadly, you obviously wear that designation as a badge of honor.

            The joke is on you pal.

          • Are you actually retarded? Your point seems to be “if you want to work in the creative industry to feed your family, you’re not having much fun with your life”. I think maybe YOU are the one who should kill yourself… Congratulations on being a human leech.

  2. Sharing pirated software discourages people from developing additional software in the future so it hurts all of us both developer and end users. Youre pathetic for sharing it.

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