11 comments on “The Gnomon Workshop – Introduction to ZBrush 4R8 Updated April 2018

  1. Looks like Gnomon messed up. Video 8 is the same as video 7 visually but with video 8’s audio.

  2. he/she sounds weird…i can’t say if i’m listening to a male or female narrator here.high pitch male voice….kinda annoying.

    p.s. afaik, his previous tut had some mismatched a/v files, as well.don’t wait, it wont be any solution!!!

    • Transgender, previously known as only Scott Spencer.

  3. Guys therer is no problem with file 7 and 8 they’re showing different features of gizmo. The file 8 shows more in detail how to use gizmo and how to do by it things you used to do with transpose tool.
    By the way yes you keep seeing this in all the versions of this tutorial because this author is using an intelligent way to make a tutorial. She’s doing a work in progress, so she starts with the common features of all versions and each time she adds tutorial for the new features of the new zbrush. The same tutorial for zbrush 4R8 was 47 files, this one has 54 files for the new features, but the flow of the whole lecture is the same with addictions of extra videos for the few new extra features of zbrush 2018 .

  4. No fix for video 8 still? Might have to give up on it then. Was really interested in how she taught the gizmo deformers. Oh well.

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