11 comments on “Ephere Ornatrix V.6.0.12 For 3DsMax 2013-2019 Fixed

  1. Any hope we’ll eve be seeing Ornatrix for Maya here anytime soon? Thx

  2. This pluging not work fine ist a demo and finaly crasshed 3ds max ?Error AgileDotNet?

    3ds Max :? The image was created whit an demo, dot not run in this machine? and 3ds max crasshed

  3. same thing with me, every max I’ve tried (max 2013, max2015, max2018) crashed after loading with this plugin installed… with message box “Error AgileDoNet”… must be poorly cracked or not tested…

  4. I found a solution for this mess with Ornatrix 6, by an accident. first, uninstall Ornatrix 6 (if doesn’t work), and manually delete all ephere .dll files from max/plugins folder.

    then, install Ornatrix 4.4 with the license server. start license server, and shut down antivirus software if is screaming, it’s a false alarm. after this, you should start again installation for version 6… during installation setup will first remove automatically old versions of Ornatrix, but… DO NOT COPY provided crack file over the installed one, just load max and everything will work just fine, probably because is license server installed, and version 6 will recognize this. works for me, on windows 7, try it for yourself.

    • This not working because of old version 3ds Max. I have only 2019. I don’t have a time to install any other versions. :-)

  5. You can change the year back (ex 2017) and open max, it works but not conveniently.

  6. And thank Tornado.
    I just installed license server of 4.4 and after that i installed 6.0.12.
    This works.

    • Hey guys, thanks for your advice but, do you know where i can find the 4.4 licence server?

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