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58 comments on “Luxion Keyshot Pro 8.0.247 Win updated

  1. Instructions for installation?
    Different for this version
    Thank you

  2. patch runs, music plays and… nothing happens. i waited for a couple of minutes and closed it. after that i started keyshot8, but it requires activation. i show a .lic to it, but the button “finish” in ativation wondow can’t be pushed down. what’s wrong?

    • Got it to work. Did you put the patch in the Keyshot 8 folder or bin folder? For me, I was placing it the bin folder instead of the Keyshot 8 root folder. So when I ran the patch it created another bin folder with the patched .exe which I just copied and replaced the existing one. Hope that helps

      • it seems i tried everything.. so, tell us plz, does keyshot work in your case?

  3. So close…so far.
    Someone, anyone, tell me I am ignorant and that this does work.

  4. Sorry yo be a pain, found instructions (password)
    My problem is that I am installing to an internal drive “E” not c
    1. Copy ‘keyshot8.lic’ & ‘keyshot8_extras.lic’ into ‘Documents\KeyShot 8’ folder…
    no such folder exists after installation
    2. Copy Patcher into ‘%\Program Files\Keyshot 8\’ folder & Run it.
    no such folder exists after installation
    3. Run patch pass: tpcrew-group
    What does this generate?
    Thank you.

  5. Uninstalled, reinstalled to C, as instructions, still nothing.
    Part of problem is that the information inside patch cannot be read.
    Also if lic file is in documents what does patch generate.
    Assume when keyshot starts you proceed to activate lic file.

  6. Finally got it working, you have to manually replace original .exe file with genrated .exe file from bin/bin folder. Also placing it in Keyshot8 folder doesn’t work, patch need to be placed in bin folder.

  7. .nfo file should be revised:

    (Install for all users, only installing for local user won’t work)

    3.- Copy Patcher into ‘%\Program Files\Keyshot 8\bin’ folder & Run it.

    5.- Replace keyshot.exe with newly generated/patched keyshot.exe from bin/bin folder.

  8. 1. Install Luxion KeyShot? 8.0.247

    2. Open the ‘Patch’ folder and highlight|copy the two files: ‘keyshot8.lic’ and ‘keyshot8_extras.lic’. Paste the two copied files into: C:\Users\%username%\Documents\KeyShot 8

    3. Right click Notepad and ‘Run as administrator’. File > Open ‘hosts’ located in: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
    Add the following two lines:

    4. From the ‘Patch’ folder copy the Patcher ‘lkeyshot8-tpc-patch.exe’ and paste it into the KeyShot 8 installation folder [default location: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\KeyShot8\bin]

    5. Run ‘lkeyshot8-tpc-patch.exe’ and when prompted, enter the password: tpcrew-group [Proceed]. Click ‘Patch’ and once patch complete, select ‘Exit’

    6. The Patcher will have created another ‘bin’ folder within ‘bin’ [C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\KeyShot8\bin\bin]. Inside the new ‘bin’ folder, copy the patched ‘keyshot.exe’ file.

    7. Return to the installation folder [C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\KeyShot8\bin] and paste and replace the existing ‘keyshot.exe’ file

    8. Done!

    • “5. Run ?lkeyshot8-tpc-patch.exe? and when prompted, enter the password: tpcrew-group [Proceed]. Click ?Patch? and once patch complete, select ?Exit? “.

      in the window of patch there is NO ANY possiblity to push ANY button, ’cause there are no buttons at all. There is nothing to select. There is NO option “Exit”.

      • For anyone reading this later on: that’s not true. There is an exit button in the patch window.

    • Thank you for this.
      Sorry for problems.
      You have provided me with all previous versions of this great program.
      Am in your debt

  9. (Install for all users, only installing for local user won?t work)

    1. install keyshot 8

    2 copy both .lic files from crack folder to c: documents folder

    3. Copy Patcher into ?%\Program Files\Keyshot 8\bin? folder & Run it.

    *** crack password: tpcrew-group

    4. Replace keyshot.exe with newly generated/patched keyshot.exe from bin/bin folder

  10. Very deepest appreciation for all help, finally got it.
    I hope I Am not as stupid as I was here.

  11. Back again, program works…?.kind of
    All scenes originally created in version 7 open.
    All test files included in Keyshot 8 open.
    All can be worked on.
    No files can be saved.
    All attempts to save all files result in .bip errors.
    Basically saying windows not recognizing file.
    You cannot save as package either. Package includes the bip file.
    Just me?

  12. All attempts to save any file. even original keyshot test files
    results in following error

    00:37:09) File “C:/Users/Public/Documents/KeyShot 8/Scenes/subway.bip.tmp1” could not be found after writing to disk.
    This could potentially be caused if the system rejects files with .bip extensions.

    • So does Norton, Turn off virus until after patch is run.
      Believe virus software does not like word patch
      Incidentally keep the original zip files.
      Only way to guarantee you have the patch for future use

    • Seems this was a false positive. Fixed now.

      Keyshot installs and seems to work in all aspects BUT, as Richard Tyler reported above, I’m unable to save files.

  13. Before installation, had Keyshot 7, worked perfectly as plug in for zbrush and maya.
    works perfectly as stand alone program.

    Person posting 8 is responsible for all my previous versions that
    worked great.

    Kept that version intact, while installing 8.
    Truly grateful to person posting this new version.
    Truly grateful to all that helped.
    In the unlikely event that further attempts at installation would hurt
    the 7 version.
    Have uninstalled 8 and will wait awhile until bugs are fixed.

  14. for those who installed:
    – any files can’t be saved, or only .bip?
    – does render works without problems?
    – any good difference between 8 and 7? worth it?

  15. Nothing (BIP, Ksp) can be saved, render works.
    For all intents and purposes trial version.
    If you open a 7 scene in 8, will not reopen in 7 (according to message)
    Difference between 7 and 8, as mentioned from little I observed if you have 7,……wait.
    As you say looked at new features, may be value to some, not to me.
    Not yet.
    Don’t forget we are very early into 8’s release.
    And two factors to consider, the program itself (as downloaded) or the patch.
    Or us?

  16. Patch is incomplete or clashing with windows10 security measures, if you check the patched version license info it say 0 days left and no serial number, strange, KS7 patched .exe did had those information.

  17. Many thanks to all of you and the great workaround. I keep my fingers cross and wait for future releases.

  18. Could someone upload this as a torrent, plus provide the working set of installation instructions?


      – Rendering in DEFAULT foreground is WORKING
      – Not rendering in Background
      – Not able to create a render queue


      – Not saving BIP format files
      – Saving KSP files is possible but BIP file is missing from the archive

      (Error Log:
      File “C:/Users/…/Desktop/KS8 save test.bip.tmp1” could not be found after writing to disk.
      This could potentially be caused if the system rejects files with .bip extensions.)

  19. windows10 LTSC x64 1809 all right
    installation steps above, comment from Diptra

  20. The file is “saving/saving as” and writing to the directory specified, however after attempting to write the file to the directory it fails to remove the .tmp ext from the file name therefore this causes an error to be thrown in Keyshot 8.

    If you go back to the directory where you chose to save the file and delete the “.tmp” from the file name, this fixes the file and it can be opened/saved over after that.

    • So, do we have to download the installer files again? Or is this fix for the originally posted download?

      • OK.

        Only re-downloading the PATCH FIX rar is enough. (Using the pre-existing rar files 1-5)

        Replace the keyshot exe in bin folder, like in earlier versions.
        Deleting the .tmp extension-extension does reveal the saved .bip file

        Thanks Diptra

  21. Commenting on new updated version……WORKS!!!
    saves bip
    Enormous gratitude for what I am sure was an exasperating,
    frustrating few days
    (Moderator: did not use word thanks)

  22. now I can confirm: finally it works :) . great job! I only hope that the crack will be improved and all these minor flaws that still exist will be eliminated.
    btw, should we block application in firewall or no?..

  23. btw, could somebody answer my question in here:

  24. @DIPTRA

    – Thanks for clarification of the .bip.tmp issue for Save/Save As of .bip files

    – However this .tmp issue is still causing BACKGROUND and QUEUED renders to fail
    as Keyshot is unable to process temp files for this purpose I think

    Am able to only render DEFAULT foreground render images one-by-one only …

    Thank you

  25. @DIPTRA

    Sorry for prematurely reporting that Rendering in Background and Queue was still not functioning.

    They DO work with the updated keyshot.exe

    Sorry for the misinformation.

  26. Problem with program, if you go to search in scene section, program stalls and you will
    lose what you are working on.

  27. Now it saves most of the time at beginning but sometimes even with the new patch it gives the same error..

  28. save work if you get first error second save fine
    hi please send keyshot 8 fix without pack i fix save file, enable xr and enable export to keyshot 6,thanks

  29. Has anyone had any success on getting displacement to work? It was only able to work if I added geometry within Keyshot but not when I import.

  30. Reinstall. KS8 does not install properly. Over a fresh Win10 install.

    Using the copy .exe method not patching.

    KS 8 does not go beyond the startup screen?

  31. Cannot save .bip as mentioned above. I am still getting the “tmp” error.

    Not sure why some people are having success with the new “updated” version.

  32. after i copy the patcher into the bin folder and try to run it nothing happens and it just disappears! any idea why this happens?

  33. So for anyone still having the save issue

    When you go to save the file, and in the input for the file name it says “untitled.bip” when you name the new file, delete the “.bip” part and just save as “untitled” or whatever you want to name it. The .bip is what causes an error in the file when you try to save it.

    I just tested it a file saved no problem. As long as the dropdown box undernear says bip for the file type, you’re good to go. Also the queue and background worked too.

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