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4 comments on “Marvelous Designer 8 v4.2.295.38995 Win x64

  1. Invalid ID or Password

    The REG itself file don’t work !

    • Did you read and do the step about Blocking with Firewall?
      That’s the only way this wouldn’t work.

      if this is the case… why are you or anyone else running cracked software (and even legal in many cases) without blocking with a firewall first? There are many free firewalls around, I would recommend two though, Simplewall from Henrypp and Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control.

      Both use Windows Filtering Platform, which is what Windows Firewall uses. the only difference is you can use and edit the existing Windows Firewall rules with Malwarebytes one, and it doesn’t do anything about incoming traffic, that’s Windows Firewall job like it does today.
      While Simplewall creates its own set of rules, so it recomments to disable Windows Firewall so there are not conflicts and then it only uses Simplewall rules. Which can be good, although some Windows or UWP apps might need special rules only in Windows Firewall, like xbox stuff (never could make xbox party to with with simplewall).

      But all you need to do is Block everything and only allow what you want. Whitelist mode on simplewall and Medium Fltering in Malwarebytes one. then you never allow cracked software to run and you just allow the apps that you really need like Browser.

  2. When i block the incomming connection with windows firewall it says
    “Invalid ID or Password”
    When i block the outcomming connection with windows firewall it says
    “Due to a network issue, you are unable to login at this time.”

    some good tips ?

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