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8 comments on “Enscape 3D Win

  1. The newest version, 2.6.xx, can be installed after this patch. continues as a registered version… my experience, at least.

    • Hello!
      Please can you tell me how did you installed v2.6? Ive been looking forward to that patch but im worried if I install it, it would make my enscape trial version! Any help please?

    • Kindly share the steps you did to install 2.6 over this. I haven’t had success doing that. It breaks my installation.

  2. Thank you, am I the only one having issues with asset library, not being able to connect to the internet?

    • Your installation is broken. Use an uninstaller then reinstall while Sketchup is closed. Everything will be fine.

  3. Installs fine but tells me that I have the wrong version installed. Any workarounds?

    • Now works fine. It’s very sensitive. If it doesn’t work you have to uninstall completely with an uninstaller so you get every little file then reinstall it with Sketchup closed. Then repeat the process. Hope this helps everyone who has trouble with it. As for the latest 2.6 it broke mine so it doesn’t work yet for me. I have to figure that out still.

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