2 comments on “Blender Market ? Plug-ins Collection 1 Sept 2019

  1. https://blendermarket.com/products/retopoflow
    Upload this blender addons please

    • dear dude,

      you can get Retopoflow2 free at github from its original Author

      and yes,
      it is very irretating, that the addon is also sold for 86 bugs at Gumroad.

      But believe me it is really true.
      I have bought it myself many years ago, and stumpled upon that information that it is also free at github

      I couldn`t understand the logic behind it, but yeah
      go check it out
      it is true

      the thing is
      some creators use Gumroad to get some money in… but more like “if you like you can buy… but its also free here and there”

      its lilke giving tips
      very pricy ones

      go and check it out
      you fill find it on github

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