14 comments on “Luxion KeyShot Pro 9.0.286 Win

        • This release like many, work fine for some and not for others, people talk about using regedit and searching for all “keyshot 9” references and deleted ALL keys, values and data, the reinstalling.
          You will just have to play around with it, for some it works fine others not at all :)

  1. “ERROR: The current license does not allow for external rendering”

  2. The license file “C:/Users/…/Documents/keyshot 9/keyshot9.lic” is not valid for this computer

  3. Keyshot 9 working. Can save, modify, apply materials. Take Screnshots. But no rendering.What appears on top is KS9.0 pro Floating License

    License Information:

    KeyShot Version 9.0.286

    0 days left


  4. OK.
    Foreground rendering works.

    No background rendering or Render Queue ;(

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