9 comments on “Blender Market Bundle 1 Jan 2020

  1. Thanks so much!
    Can you also please do Blender Flip Fluids addon?

  2. where can i get Scandinavian House Photorealistic Realtime Visualization in Unreal Engine Complete tutorial Step by Step from 3darchstuffs for free???

  3. Wow thanks much
    Can we get Retopoflow, Eyebrow Pack, Urban Graffiti, Node2code, Auto eye or Cw eye, Sculptors Toolbox-Ultimate Brushes, [New! V.1.1.1] Blender Atelier: Sculpt?
    And also pro lighting studio recently version?
    Thanks much

  4. Thank you so much! Can we have the latest version of KIT OPS Pro? And the Hard Surface Modelling tutorial series by Creative Shrimp?

  5. Extreme Pbr Combo Pro Pack v3.2.2 [2.7-2.8] – the archive only add-on. There are no libraries.

  6. Plz add libraries for extreme pbr addn too. The old ones don’t work with this. And also add the cycles material vault for blender.

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