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4 comments on “Gilberto Magno – Workshop Character for Games

  1. 2018 course!!! more outdated courses you posting. no one clicks to download! SO post better stuff

    • And what will you gain by having a “newer date” tutorial?

      If you knew anything about game development you would know that the process is the same. Zbrush, Maya, Marmoset, substance painter…. aren’t those the same tools you use today? obviously some new features have appeared in recent years, but do you even use those new features?

      What do you really expect from tutorials. Newer or old, all “X design for games” it is going to be the same process, only because you are ignorant about it, doesn’t make this tutorial useless. You can scrub through the video and find additional information or tips to make your workflow better and broader but it doesn’t mean this tutorials is better or worst than a newer one just because “updated tools” or whatever. I mean, you can even go to Marmoset blog posts and see the same process in a short information, and again, it is going to be the same process. You download to learn more, not because somehow a newer tutorial will make you the master designer only because they might be using newer tools. But then, you haven’t even tried to see if this tutorial might teach you something, you just complain about the date without even trying to learn more about what supposedly you are aiming for.

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