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9 comments on “Greyscalegorilla – HDRI Light Kit Pro Tutorial

  1. guys if I purchase only one month GSG+, could I use kit for month or longe ?

    • Hi xius,

      You would get the kit cgpeer torrent.

      By the way can you please upload all the Greyscalegorilla plus tutorials?

      Most the tutorials are shared here in cgpeers and cgpersia. Unfortunately recently Greyscalegorilla have put a good number of previous free tutorials into paid tut.

      So it would be really great and appreciate if you share all the missing tutorials with us.

      • Hi Mike,
        I do have some GSG Tutorials and a lot of others. I mean over 40 others. What will be around 2-3 maybe terabite.
        By the way I do not have a access to cgpeers and registration is closed.
        It will be good if we could make things smipler, to share the screen shoot of things what I have.

      • Hi Mike

        I do not have a access to cgpeers, and reg. is closed.
        But I do have a lot of tutorials, like 2-3tera maybe more.

    • Here is Kit pro 3 and links are still alive:

      You can search in for Greyscalegorilla related tuts or plugin :

      Most tutorials are published in both sites cgpeers and cgpersia.

      You can share missing tuts with mega/zippy.

        • The kit published in cgpeers also supported till R20.

          As I told most of the things are shared in both sites Cgpersia and cgpeers.

          So we have to wait.

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