13 comments on “Lumion Pro 11.5 Win x64

  1. Excuse me, what does Lumion 12 do that Twinmotion / Unreal Engine doesn’t do?

    Taking into consideration that Twinmotion / Unreal Engine are free up to 2K

  2. Some of the rar files uploaded are from “” for example part 2 and 4.

      • Excuse me, i saw your comments and i get a question about Lumion11.5. When i execute the program : “lumion.pro.v11.5-zmo.exe” My Windows Alert update, alert me so hard about this files. Is it safe ? And If yes, it’s working ?

  3. Why are there 9 packs do download? In each one is the same… Do i need to download them all? Thanks X

  4. i cant understand whay maks 10s links when you can make torrent as faster for every body

  5. How do I install the program with all the .rar files? do I extract all of them?
    Help please

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