4 comments on “Stylized Station – The Environment Artist’s Survival Kit

  1. Sorry for writting this here,but the CGpeers WebIRC chat doen’t operate is disabled when put my account name and the web client doesnt work either (tried a couple of times).I used to have an account in CG peers for torrents download.My account wasn’t used for 2 years and now is not working anymore.Is there any way my account can be retrieved?

      • Thanks for replying.The problem is that I searched everywhere and haven’t found a way to communicate with CG peers.Do you happen to know a working web link that could use to contact a mod there?The only ways I found to communicate are not working,they have them disabled.

  2. add in the 3D Artist’s Coloring Book by Stylized Station please. That seems to focus more on substance painter for stylized texture craetion.

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