2 comments on “V-Ray 5.20.01 for Nuke 13.1v2 Win x64

  1. ok I got you…. install vray for nuke
    stop vray license server i saw it in my start menu
    install the first dll the in the root of nuke 13.1v2
    C:\Program Files\Nuke13.1v2
    the crack in plugins \vray
    C:\Program Files\Nuke13.1v2\plugins\vray
    the cracks are essentially where you install which are potentially intuitive but it is a necessity to stop the chaos license server before doing so
    after you replace them restart server
    if you replace with out stoping server and start nuke ,,, oi bit uninstall both chaos license server and vray for nuke and try again ,,
    its woorking!!! yah mofocas

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