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  1. Here’s what I did to get it to work for:
    Rhinoceros 7.4.21067.13001 Win x64

    ***If Windows blocks download (appears as ‘virus’)***

    1. Open Windows Securtiy, click ‘Virus & threat protection’ tab on left

    2. Turn off ‘Real-time protection’

    3. Download file again, and then add the file as an exemption (in windows security).

    4. Extract Files.

    4. Return to Windows Securtiy, Turn on ‘Real-time protection’

    ***Run Install***

    1. Run install file

    2. Click Gear Icon

    3. Run ‘Rhino Activator’ File

    4. Enter license key manually into the installer, then hit ‘Activate Button’ in Rhino Activator app

    5. Finish Install

    ***Block ingoing and outgoing connections in Firewall***

    1. Hit start menu and type run.

    2. Enter ‘WF.msc’ hit ok

    3. Click on Inbound Rules, then ‘New Rule’ and add Rhino.exe file

    4. Do the same for Outbound Rules

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