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    • it’s code is given by generating diagnostics:

      • Thank you. Did you ever get this install to work? I get errors after the installation.

  1. does anyone managed to make it work?

    unfortunately, even after following all the instructions and reinstalling Houdini with various versions (19.5.368, 19.5.435, 19.5.493) I still can’t get valid licenses.

  2. Thank you!
    It works just fine for me.
    Is there any chance to get Axiom solver for free?

  3. Can’t get this to work, trying to follow every steps but it’s not working.
    Someone mention about geneting diagnostics, but with not enough informations for me to do it.

  4. Ok to all of you guys who struggle to make it work, i post here how i made it work because it’s been 2 days, downloading and trying a lot of different versions, and i almost prayed for someone to write what i’m gonna right.

    Crack is working, it’s just something i was doing wrong in the process of installation.

    At this part of the installation instructions:
    Launch the License Administrator.
    In the Server Information tab you will find your Server Name & Server Code

    in server name, i was copying the wrong thing. In the houdini license administrator, i have this:


    If i ctrl + c et ctrl + v the entire thing it looks like this:

    IT’s WRONG!! if you add this in the keygen, it’s not going to work.

    YOU NEED TO COPY ONLY the part between brackets ()

    So for me it’s:

    Copy it without the brackets ( and yeah i’ve changed the numbers and letters, just for security ^^).

    After that you copy all the generated keys, like explained, i don’t like the 5 by 5 phrasing, so i’m gonna say, copy them all !
    And yeah you’ll have to open the ” import lience > manual install” twice because you cannot enter all the keys in the 5 lignes.
    One key = one line.
    So reopen it a second time when it’s full and add the last remaining keys.

    Now if you go into the installed license, you’ll probably see all the ones you installed wrong before with a red mark, but if you scroll down, you’ll see that the good ones, with the good server name (DESKTOP-L2EhhyQ) are here and installed and working !!

    That’s it !

    • Of course your server name will be different, don’t copy DESKTOP-L2EhhyQ !!
      It’s mine !

    • Oh man! I really don’t know how to thank you!
      After a week of frustratingly testing different methods, I happened to come to CG Persia and saw your extremely helpful comment.
      Thank you very much

  5. Thanks for Share… I have a question… How Can install arnold to houdini… ???…any have a tutorial for this?

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