3 comments on “Kitbash3D – Age of Egypt

  1. Thank you for share but I can’t import fbx format, the 3ds max 2024.1 update
    My pc is Ryzen 9 5950x, 32 Gb of ram 3200 mghz ddr4 Corsair dominator platinum, 1 RTx A4000 of 16 gb, 1 M2 1 tb WD_Black SN850x, I don’t undestand why I can’t import the package in format fbx.

    Thank you if you can help me.

  2. It was the same for me, but I knew how to help myself. I split the kitbash into 2 parts in C4D and saved it as Fbx and then imported it into Unreal, now everything works fine. :-)
    32 GB Ram is for this big package to small!

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