8 comments on “Rhinoceros 8.1.23325.13001/2 Win/Mac

  1. Thanks for the share!
    It worked for me. I didn’t even generated keys with KG. That seemed a bit strange.

    My installation was that:
    1) installing Rhino.exe file with internet ON
    2) turning internet OFF
    3) used License Patch, pointed to new rhino 8 license only

    After those steps rhino launched well with internet on

  2. install by using KG

    1. installing by running rhino*.exe installer with internet on( to download some runtime library for installing)
    2. Off the internet
    3. change date to 15/11/23
    4. run rhino
    5. enter bogus email add + check the box – continue
    6. run kg – copy the serial no. – paste on serial require box. (do not close it yet)
    7. click manual/offline license validate code
    8. copy the validate code – paste it in the validate code box
    9. run rhino n close it
    10. change back to present date
    11. run rhino – enjoy

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