Onyx Tree Storm 5.9 for 3DSMax 9-2008-2009 (32/64bit)

The new TREE STORM 5.9 plugin for 3DS Max2008 and Max9 is a breakthrough product – originally developed and produced in 1998 – is the first 4D modeler for trees ever developed. This plugin enables you to model trees created with OnyxTREE BROADLEAF, OnyxTREE CONIFER, and OnyxPALM generators or TREE CLASSIC generator directly into Max and animate the trees on the wind. There are TREE STORM 5.9 for Max2008 (32-bit + 64-bit), Max9 (32-bit + 64-bit) and TREE STORM 5.6 for Max8/7/6, and corresponding Autodesk Viz software.

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Have you ever wondered how does the professional set-up of HI-END rendering? Archinteriors gives you this possibility. Look how does it look from the backstage. Buy Archinteriors DVD and learn commercial rendering set-up. Make money from professional visualizations.

Archinteriors vol. 13 comprises of 10 textured and shadered visualization scenes ready to be rendered.

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Maya 8.5 Character Rigging with: George Maestri

Maya 8.5 Character Rigging provides an overview of rigging, character geometry, and topology, and then delves into the details of how to create professional, realistic 3D characters. Instructor and animation veteran George Maestri shares his expertise on everything from kinematics to character skinning.

Using hands-on examples, he teaches users how to best plan, create, edit, and move an animated character with Maya 8.5. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

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Renderray is an online CG community, where you can view and download tutorials, and 3D scenes of the worlds leading rendering engines (V-Ray, Brazil, Mental-Ray etc..) by using your favorite 3d Packages (3D max, Lightwave, Maya, XSI etc..). Download and learn how our members and our professional team prepare the render scenes. Modify them and create a new 3D scene.

Make a professional render of your own. Share it with the Render-ray Community.


Maya is the world’s most powerful integrated 3D modeling, animation, effects, and rendering software.

That’s why top feature film, animation and video artists, game developers, visualization professionals, Web and print designers rely on Maya. And because Maya is based on an open architecture, all your work can be scripted or programmed using a well-documented and comprehensive API (application programming interface), or the embedded MEL scripting language. Continue Reading