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Cybernoids Live2D Cubism PRO v1.1.06

Cubism Editor is a software tool that empowers creators to turn static 2D graphics into 2D models. It consists of Modeler for 2D modeling tool and Animator for animating the model.
If you wish to control your Live2D models real-time on game/app platforms Cubism SDK middleware is available for game/app developers and publishers. The game and app titles shown in Showcase section are made with the Cubism Editor PRO

System Requirements
Windows Vista/7/8
Pentium4 3GHz or faster
2GB memory or more (8GB recommended)
Storeage: 5MB for install and 500MB or more for operation
GPU: OpenGL2.0 or later (OpenGL3.3 / GeForce 8 or later recommended)
Internet connection