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iDRAWGiRLS – Imagine and Illustrated Part 1 & 2 Sketch and Create Illustration | 406Mb

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1) Exploring Character concept using thumbnails.
2) Creating and Using Template to create variations.
3) Fleshing out, Color and Composition.
4) Designing Creature Concept.
5) Painting Face and under painting.
6) Re-Arrange the composition.
7) Creating a convincing environment.
8) More Design and painting Creatures.
Continue to Part 2 (contain chapter 9 – 13)

Topics covered:

-Sketching and Exploring ideas .
-Working with Templates.
-Exploring Character poses and attitudes.
-Using textures and References.
-Finding Composition and Color schemels
-Quick Creature design.
-Blocking in Facial feature
-Working with values
-Creating Quick environmental design
-Blocking in values to create scene
-Depth of field
-Many short cuts


iDRAWGiRLS – Face Constructed III | .wmv | +brushes | +eBook | 199Mb

Topics covered:

-Establishing facial feature using values.
-Balancing skintone using cool and warm colors.
-Working with Photoshop
-Using Exaggeration of proportion
-Rough Sketching and blocking in shapes
-Working with soft and hard edges
-Dealing with different facial angels and lightings.
-Lighting dos and don?ts.
-Manipulating values, shapes, and color for facial feature.
-Facial basic temporature ranges.
-Working with beard & mastache.
-Finishing portrait paintings